Hear from some of the wonderful clients we've worked with...

Since beginning with Peter over 2 years ago, I cannot begin to express the benefits I have gained.

Not only as a business owner and working with Peter on business building strategies and the ongoing support and guidance he has given, but also the very special people have I met along the way.

Even as far as to say, I went on a cruise with Peter, his lovely wife and a group of other business owners where we looked into more specific business activities, while also having an amazing and relaxing holiday.

For anyone wanting to get ahead in their business, with tailored support, I can’t recommend Peter highly enough.

Cheryl Shepherd

Director / Consultant
Work Health & Safety Matters P/L

I know it works - I have proof... I just checked my old excel pipeline. When you taught me much of this before I got Sick, My Pipeline of Enquires went from basically Zero to a potential income of $34,295 with $10,116 of income materialising. This was split across Home loans, Asset loans, and personal loans.

Paul Bahr

Mortgage Broker

Peter has been an amazing help to me and has provided the 'missing link' and help that I needed. I'd done well setting up business, identifying my market and building my brand however there were components of actually selling my product that I had missed.

Peter has particularly helped me with a deep understanding of some of the crucial processes of making sales that I was lacking. It's a real art and something he does with such ease and skill. As I've put these processes in place, I have found it so much easier to present my product and see sales get over the line. Peter's love for people, generous nature and willingness to help by sharing his secrets of success are outstanding.

Pamela Murphy

Intercultural Tailored Solutions

Since working with you Alyssa and I have been able to holistically overview our entire sales process. Beginning, middle, end.

Working with your program has allowed our energy to change into a more relaxed and comfortable energy, and even more positive in nature than ever before, when presenting face to face with our clients. Working with you has allowed us to update our literature and offer better levels of service to our clients, to help refine our clients experience to a level much higher than before.

Working congruently with the basics such as presentation folder, prospecting, presenting, closing has allowed our closing ratio to be 1 in 2 for qualified leads and 1 in 4 for non-qualified leads.

Our professionalism has improved, our brand has improved and our overall business confidence has improved.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the great Peter Daniels.

Andrew Mates

Money Coach
Adelaide Budgeting

As creative artists in video production, sales was never a strong point in our business. Having met Peter and investing in his programs we have grown as a business due to his coaching and more specifically, helping us in how to close a sale. Peter is always available to answer questions whether by phone or email, as different clients often need different solutions to get them over the line and Peter’s support, experience and knowledge has helped us many times. We at Scarlett Media would highly recommend Peter if you are struggling with sales within your business.

Matt Shannon
Scarlett Media

I have known Peter Daniels for over 20 years as a Sales Professional. Peter was strongly recommended to me following a 15 year Accounting career and owning a software Sales business. My learning curve moving form Accounting to Sales was astronomical but I couldn’t think of a better person to learn from...the Art of Sales.

Whether Prospecting, Presenting, and Closing and Sales Management. Plus Peters vast knowledge was instrumental in our success.

Our Franchise won several national awards from the smallest territory over 15 years involvement in that business and i kn ow this would not have been possible without his teachings and mentoring along the way.

Peter is not only a professional, but also caring and looks for win/win Solutions every time and keeping his clients best interests at all times.

In more recent times and now founder of our own financial advice Practice, Peter also has been instrumental in his sales teachings which shows all industries rely on sales training. The saying “nothing happens on this planet until a sale is made” is tested ant to that.

20 year later I call Peter not only a sales professional but also a friend as our relationship has grown and prospered and at the end of the day its about building long term relationships.

I would strongly recommend Peter for all Sales, Leadership and Management training for individuals and Business owners.

Arthur Panagis
Founder and Principal Adviser
FMG Wealth Strategist

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts, time and commitment over the last 3 years we have known each other.

I have been involved with mentors previously and they have left a bad taste in my mouth due to overcharging and under delivering, so my initial opinion was...what does this person want and what is he selling.

Thankfully I approached what you had to offer with an open mind and accepted what you had to offer, which I must say was a lot more than I imagined.

The networks you have assisted me in creating, the people I have been able to meet, and the opportunities you have assisted me to dream and see beyond them daily grind.

The events you organise are something people have to see and feel what they are all about. All functions, seminars, courses are with so much passion, honesty and integrity that I have no problem whatsoever recommending your name and contact details to anyone I believe will benefit from a coffee with you.

Hayden Lithgow
Adelaide Crane Maintenance

Peter Has been a tremendous positive influence as a mentor and sounding board for myself for many years. Peter’s expertise and sound knowledge, both Business and Personal, support the relevant programs that are offered.

Peter’s greatest attribute is that he creates a long term relationship, and is always available for advice whether this is relevant to the program or not.

I would wholeheartedly endorse Peter and his Company- extremely beneficial over the years to myself, my staff and my Company.

Glen Scott
Regional Manager Schneider Electric

Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for one of the best years of my life.

The things I have learnt from you, the ideas I have used, the people I have met and the chances that you have given me to work with you have been amazing!

Thanks for your friendship, your never ending patience, kindness and willingness to share your time.

Thanks also for the chance to continue in the group in the New Year.

Kate Mason
The Personality Coach

‘I first meet Peter from Lead Australia when I was appointed to my first CEO role at Calvary John James Hospital in Canberra. The hospital had been through some challenging times and the middle management team was disjointed and the hospital was in a culture of Blame.
Working with Peter we developed a Leadership Program for the middle management team which consisted of clinical and non-clinical managers. The program gave each manager the skills and ability to manage their business and a common language they all understood.
Each Manager had a project focused on growing their business which they implemented and reported progress monthly to their peers. The growth within the middle management team was extraordinary and with their leadership the culture of the hospital moved from Blame to Ambition in 12 months.
A number of the middle managers have since progressed to Senior Management Roles. The program was a great success.’

Shaune Gillespie CEO