Lead Australia offers some very tailored Programs with multiple learning methodologies that cover many Business related topics.

There are also specialist individual topics that can help Businesses to take the next step forward...to success!

They look at improving Products and Services, Promotion and Marketing of your Products or services, how to “Tweak” the variables of a business to enable Business owners to achieve profitable outcomes.

There is Learning, Coaching and help around your own Business goals.

The Profit Project

A quick, concise 6 module deep dive into your business with the outcome being a plan that can be implemented within 6 weeks....to help you improve your profitability and systems. By deliberately ascertaining an insight into the “variables” of a business, you end up with many areas that can be improved upon.

This Process fosters Continuous Improvement....and it makes a better business, and a better Client Experience and it breeds repeat Business


The Economic Equation of Business

Factors that impact Business

The ‘Variable” that can be “Tweaked” for business Success

Preparing for the future of Business

Strategies for Success

The Pareto Principles

Developing and Implementing a Profit Plan

Re-Defining your Value Proposition

Improving Service..and the “people aspect”

What you can do today to improve profitability

Profitability Case Studies

Adapting and Changing to market conditions

Deciding on Marketing methods

Tracking and Measuring Results

Process improvements

How to have a profitable business and a life

( Business Improvement)

This Program is ideal for a business owner who wants to not only achieve business success, and improve profitability and viability..... but also to ensure that their pathway enables them to achieve their most important goals in life!

Modules Designed to make Difference!


  • 10x one-on-one coaching sessions
  • CD’s and MP3’s
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Zoom Workshops
  • Group workshops (when we are allowed to have them)
  • One on One coaching, help and support

Content Includes

  • The Economic Equation of Business
  • Developing a Profit Plan
  • My Products and Services
  • My People and Passion
  • Creating a Culture of Excellence
  • Marketing and Promoting your Business and its Products
  • The Productivity Challenge
  • Service....the ultimate Contributor to Repeat Business
  • Systems and Processes
  • Finding New and Better Business
  • Motivation ( Optional)
  • Attitudes and Habits...the key to Success! (Optional)
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving ( Optional)
  • Time and Personal Management (Optional)
  • Communication ( Optional)

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The Sales Leadership Program

Learning Modules:

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Your Goals for this program
  • The Sales Challenge
  • Attitude and Habit Management
  • Prospecting (Part 1)
  • Prospecting (Part 2)
  • Setting up a Sales opportunity
  • The Dynamic, Effective Sales Presentation
  • Positive Sales Work Habits
  • Closing Sales
  • Maintaining Motivation
  • Negotiation
  • Videos for learning and Inspiration
  • Stepping up and Stepping out

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Energised 2020

Energised 2020 is an invitation only group, that meets regularly to learn from each other, be Energised and get to know other Business owners and Leaders.

It involves a series of Long Lunches, Guest Speakers and Presenters and personalised help with the individuals goals and plans.

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