The Lead Australia Story

Lead Australia was formed in response to a significant “gap” that existed in the Personal and Business development market. For many years in Australia, Businesses and individuals who sought to gain an edge and improve their performance only really had a choice of international “brands” from which to choose from.

Typically, these were off the shelf programs that mirrored other cultures and bias’s and sought to educate us based on these bias’s and suppositions. The outcome often was that the content was excellent, its methods were not our methods, and its application and overall relevance became lost.

Even now there are remnants of this approach operating within Australia by organizations which could only really be seen as international “outposts” for American and European Training organizations, still using content and service based on their cultural and experiential models.

The off the shelf training approach offered very little flexibility around training and development needs. It missed the mark on key areas and over-emphasized other areas.

Another opportunity that has been explored, but has reaped a “patchwork” of results can be seen in the incredible rush to gain a Certificate or Diploma in the hope of improved personal and organizational performance.

Many times the outcome has been too focused on the achievement of an accreditation… rather than the development of the individual and their skills and abilities.

In other words, there have been people passing exams… but not really gaining the education they were seeking.

Mixed in with this has been the exploration of many training delivery methods including online learning ZOOM workshops, webinars etc.

Lead Australia has been on a journey of progressive ongoing development of Programs, processes, principles and practices that have been has been the culmination of “out in the market place” feedback and interaction. The result has been the creation of a series of unique Australian training and development offerings with a high degree of personalized interaction and support to help individuals and Businesses to take the next step forward toward the achievement of their goals.

Lead Australia utilizes many methods that have been ‘birthed” by client feedback, and these include:

  • Australian written Personal and Business Development Programs
  • Blended Learning solutions with not only Core learning but also Optional modules of learning
  • Professionally Facilitated workshops
  • Private learning portals with MP3 downloadable content
  • Online goals system with feedback and accountability
  • Travel, Learning and Networking experiences
  • Inspiring lunches and breakfast events
  • Engaging and Inspiring MP4 Videos and interviews
  • Personal one on one coaching
  • Networking opportunities and events etc