Values of Lead Australia

Integrity - Integrity has been defined as doing the “right” thing even when nobody is looking!

Honesty - Being honest with ourselves, our clients and our family.

Profitability - Profitability means managing your resources to achieve your goals and have a planned excess.

Service - Having a “Be of Service attitude” with all clients and business partners

Excellence - Wanting to excell at all that we do!

Guide Principles of Lead Australia

  1. We deliver on what we promise!
  2. We focus on helping clients develop themselves and achieve their goals... rather than just how many sessions they come to and when their 12 months servicing is up!
  3. The Franchisee/ Franchisor relationship is is to be a team effort
  4. We make clients not customers!
  5. If theres a problem... we fix it!
  6. We understand that... we can have almost anything in life...if we help enough other people to get what they want out of their life!
  7. We can disagree... but we don’t need to be disagree-able
  8. We demonstrate a good work ethic and recognise that we are a “Role Model” to those we serve and seek to help
  9. We embrace continuous improvement and are always looking at new ways to increase our value and Service to our clients, and become better at what we do