Peter Daniels and Lead Australia have some very unique and refined processes to equip individuals with the skills, attitudes and practical knowledge to affect positive change in both their working and personal life arenas.

These processes involve not only the critical elements of learning, but also mentoring and corrective coaching over time, so that long term change is achieved.

This cannot be achieved by a “quick fix” knowledge-gathering exercise, that is so often the restrictive modus operandi experienced in “off the shelf” training applications.

Each and every individual that participates in the LEADing Edge process benefits from not only the learning and practical application of their educational requirements, but also has a plethora of other “add-on” electives, to enable them to totally personalise their learning.

Some of the highly practical base program content is included in this website, but each individual training and development plan is as unique as the individual and their specific goals.

Current Programs

  • The Leading Edge Achievement Program A great LEAP forward to a brighter more productive future Professional and life leadership and achievement is only attained by the appropriate understanding and application of Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Motivation and People skills. The Leading Edge Ac...
  • Sales Leadership Program The Sales Leadership Program will equip you with the processes, tools and knowledge to increase your earning potential exponentially. The Program is comprised of 10 sessions with practical application, delivered in an interactive workshop format. ...